Far Away

Though it’s true that living in Spain means that I’m in a different country, on a different continent, and in a different time zone than my family in the US, it hasn’t really felt like I’m that far away. The phone makes everything feel closer and Spain lives at night, so the time change hasn’t been too difficult to work around. But, as my family gathers today in Arizona to meet the new addition to the family, my brother and his fiancee’s daughter, for the first time, the distance seems great and I suddenly feel like I’m very far away. Phones may be great for talking but there’s nothing like seeing and touching and interacting.

David and I moved to Spain partly to be near family. In New York, we were strategically in the middle between our two families but also far from both. In moving to Spain, we felt that at least we would be near David’s family. And that’s definitely true and we’re enjoying having his mom with us and seeing his sister who’s also visiting from Paris. But the fact of the matter is that, after 36 years, my brother had his first child, and I’m not there. And I wish I was. Even the beaches, sun and laid back lifestyle of Spain can’t compensate for the fact that I’m missing out on a special and life-changing moment.

I console myself with thoughts that, by being far away, David and I can open a new world to little Amaya. She can come visit us and learn Spanish and meet her family in Europe. I tell myself that I am happy that my family can gather together. I am grateful that Amaya is healthy and that Johanna is recovering well. And I remind myself that the world does not revolve around me. As far as Amaya is concerned, she is surrounded by love and happiness and family and surely she won’t hold it against me that I was absent for this very special occasion.

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4 responses to “Far Away

  1. Well I do know how you feel about being far away from family and missing out on certain events, although you take the cake in distance, I must say though if people are good about sending pictures frequently then it really does help! So tell David he better send Amaya’s auntie regular updates WITH pics! I feel for ya Sara!

  2. Don’t worry, Sara! In fact, I am in the same position, having my family be 3000 miles away. I will frequently send pics to them and you will be included on the receiving end of my many photo shoots of Amaya. I will make sure of it. : )

  3. There is only ONE solution to this problem!

  4. Amy, thanks for the kind words. I know that you’ve been adjusting also to being far away from family and friends and that you know how it feels.

    Johanna, I would love to see photos, especially as I know that Amaya will grow quickly. Thank you for making sure that I’m on The Email List.

    Coral, the solution to this problem is that you come here immediately – with your camera. I know that you took tons of pictures of Amaya, and I’d like to see them, please!

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