We Reach Five Years and Take Business Up a Notch

In February, as our five year anniversary approached, and I started looking through photos and reviewing the year, I couldn’t help but feel proud of what we had been able to accomplish. The addition of the third level, or what we refer to as the “gallery”, had changed the dynamics of the business, not only making AlteArte’s presence much more dominant on the street, but making it much more flexible in the possibilities.

In the past year, we had held monthly exhibitions, attracting artists from as far away as Madrid. We had offered workshops ranging from a flamenco dance to a drama workshop taught by professionals in the field. We had used the room for  weekly language exchange meetings where people gathered together to practice their English or their Spanish. We had hosted special speaking events from local authors as part of our book club. And we had filled the gallery with music performed by talented musicians such as a local swing/jazz group and a very talented singer/song writer from Norway.

The truth was that the possibilities were limitless. And the gallery was the perfect space to bring everything to life. The door connecting it to the rest of AlteArte could be closed, the music could be turned off, and we could be hosting a special event without it affecting the rest of the business in any way. In fact, from the first level, you wouldn’t have a clue that something was happening on the third. It was so unlike our first year when we attempted to show a movie only to have a serious clash between people who were there for the movie and people who were there just to have a drink.

Best of all, Altea is like a treasure box of talented people. And, by expanding to the third level, we were providing the space to showcase that talent. Altea and AlteArte went hand-in-hand, and, in a very natural, organic and almost effortless way, the gallery came to life.

And, as much as the glowing comments from customers had replenished my energy and pushed me forward for the first four years, the feeling that we were authentically adding to the community and becoming a center of culture in Altea’s Old Town filled me with a very different kind of sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

And I remembered just over five years earlier when we were first moving to Altea, and I had yearned to be a part of it all. There were still so many layers of Altea that I had yet to uncover – and perhaps never will – but, as we celebrated five years, at least I could confidently say that, in our own way, we had added some extra magic to this special town.


18 responses to “We Reach Five Years and Take Business Up a Notch

  1. In the past year, you have become a major contributor to your community. You have given back as much, if not more, than you have received. Amazing!

  2. What a great joy to see your blog again! I didn’t realize how much We missed it! . As always it is well written, succinct and fun to read!

    We were really hoping to be first to comment on this, but somebody ( cough cough ) beat us to it!

  3. We were in Altea last year and were happy to see you expanding but sad that it was while we were there. What a lovely place to live and contribute. Next time we will stop in to see the new 3 floors. Larry and Shar

  4. Congrats on your success!

  5. I just can’t believe 5 years have past.. Much continued success to you and David. Keep up the great work.

  6. Congratulations Sara and David! This is such a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of you both! The video was amazing! It really showcases how much love, time, energy and commitment have gone into making Alte Arte and your community so vibrant and special. Watching it, I felt like I was there, connected to you both, instead of 1/2 a world away. Miss you and love you!

  7. Way to go Sarah & Davide !! We will make it there one day!

  8. Special added congrats from mom who feels close to the growing spirit of AltteArte and the charm of Altea. I wish I could’ve been at ALL the events of the past year but did enjoy the cook-offs I which were so surprising and deliccious!

  9. Sara, it’s so awesome how far your business has come! Congratulations on the five-year anniversary and all the amazing growth!

  10. Congratulations Sarah, on your fifth year in business…this is no small accomplishment, and I know a lot of sweat, blood, and tears went into the making of AlteArte, to say nothing of what you and David put on the line personally. I to am coming up to my 5th anniversary…of marriage, not business, and have also faced – and continue to face – many challenges. I won’t say it gets easier, but it does get more familiar, which is something. I hope that Aziz and I have a chance to visit you someday…Altea is definitely on my bucket list! And of course…if you ever find yourself in Kennebunkport, Maine…:-)

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