Exactly one month after my 31st birthday and eight years after my first date in Paris, France with my now-husband, David, I boarded a plane and moved to Torrevieja, Spain. Little could we have imagined the adventure that awaited us once we landed. It has been a roller coaster adventure, but, after much searching, we have found our little corner of the world. Since February 2010, we have been the proud co-owners of AlteArte in Altea’s Old Town.

For those who have been following along since the beginning, thank you. Your support has encouraged and motivated me to keep writing. For those who somehow stumbled across this, thanks for pausing long enough in your own life to read about mine. Comments are greatly appreciated so if you feel inclined, say something! Or contact me directly at sara328@hotmail.com

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Have questions about me, AlteArte or Altea? Don’t hesitate to contact me!


6 responses to “About

  1. Hi Sara –

    Came across your blog…don’t tell me how! Anway, I am about to go through what you went through, only I am marrying a Moroccan. I am not clear from your blog – are you American? Do you and Dave ever travel to Morocco? If so, it would be nice to meet….

    My blog is new also, so I haven’t written much…to be continued! Look forward to hearing from you –


    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for your message! I am American. David is Spanish. But we met in France. 🙂 David and I have never been to Morocco but it’s a place that I certainly would love to go to especially since it’s not that far away! Where in Morocco are you? I’ll certainly let you know if we do travel. And, likewise, I hope if you ever come to Spain, you stop by to see us!

      I’ll check out your blog!


  2. Hello Sara –

    I will be living in a place called Todra Gorge (the village of Tizgui), which is 7 miles north of Tinghir, Morocco. It is in the mountains, and a very popular tourist destination. The village itself is very remote and primitive, but the surrounding countryside is stunning. A real trip back in time.

    A lot of Europeans pass through here, so if you and David ever pass through here, I hope you will look up Aziz and I. All you have to do is ask for “the teacher named Aziz” and the villagers will point you to us. Yup, its that small.

    We will no doubt be doing some travelling at some point, so if we pass through your hood, will look you up also.

    Feel free to follow my blog as adventures unfold….its nice to know that we are living these adventures ourselves, and not following them on someones else blog!!

    Salam –


  3. Sara – I have a special request…I don’t suppose you or David know anyone in Madrid? I am returning to Boston from Marrakech this Sunday, April 11th, and have an overnight layover in Madrid – my flight arrives at 7:30pm and I don’t leave until 1:30pm the next day!! I am thinking of checking into one of the youth hostels in the area, but thought maybe you might know someone I could hook up with, that would make it a more personal experience. I have NO spanish, so am reluctant to stray far from the airport…but I am not eager to stay in the airport overnight either.

    Thanks so much –


  4. Hey Sara!

    So while doing my Spain research, I came across your blog and I love it!

    I am traveling to Spain in a week–flying into Barcelona and spending 1-2 days in Madrid. I’ve been here before but not for 10 years—I’m in love with this country and am set on moving here!! However, currently, I’m not fluent in Spanish…yet…I’m learning! And that’s part of the whole reason I want to move….immersion baby…it’s the only way for me.

    So this upcoming trip is to hopefully plant seeds so I can relocate…most likely to Madrid. I’m currently in LA pursuing a career as a travel show host. I recently shot a travel show pilot….I’ve decided, “why the heck to I need to be in LA if I want to be a travel show host?” So I want to bring my idea to some agents and production companies in Spain (again, not sure how realistic this is given I don’t speak Spanish just yet–well un poco….). I also want to do a documentary about the gypsies (hence spending time in Barcelona) but that’s a big project that will take a lot of time…which is great…but I need a way to make a living while I’m doing all of this research. I’m looking to work at one of the major hotels, possibly as a bartender since that’s what I do now….or as an English teacher as I taught ESL in Thailand. If you have any tips/feedback/advice for me I’d greatly appreciate it!

    I’ll be in Spain Oct 11-20….short but sweet this time around….but hopefully the next time it’s more permanent 🙂

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Maria,

      Welcome to Spain! I hope that you’ve been having a good, productive time since you arrived on the 11th! I think it’s fantastic that you’re pursuing your dreams. Could you send me a private email at sara328@hotmail.com and I’ll try to share whatever advice I can.


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